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Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring:
Train at home with one on one or small group sessions with Mike Fox!
Mike Fox has done private tutoring for several years now. One on one training sessions are much easier using *Skype. I offer flexible hours when you have the time!. 12 two hour review sessions should have you ready for your exam. Here's how it works. Students self study a chapter and Mike Fox will do a two hour review of that chapter each week or twice a week if a student wishes to finish earlier than 12 weeks.

The total cost for 13 two hour Skype tutoring sessions for one student is $1875.

If two or more students wish to do SKYPE tutoring sessions together the cost per student is $1300 each.

Skype is the perfect tool for online tutoring. The student must have a modern PC or tablet with a webcam to participate. You can see the instructor, Powerpoint and the whiteboard while learning. Mike Fox can see you and answer your questions. Live broadcast only no prerecorded classes will be offered.


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